Personal Post : a photographers promise to photograph her children
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Thursday, January 21, 2016
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A New Year Resolution of mine was to actually photograph my children. I mean I do it for a living right, and its so important to capture moments in life because, once its gone its gone. I am my childrens historians. 2015 took me by surprise , I was unprepared for how busy things got, but this year I have promised my children that I am going to be there! So hello and welcome 2016 , I am ready for ya. For my Birthday (dirty 30) and Christmas I have become the mother of two beautiful new lenses a 8-15mm canon and a canon 85mm, 1.8.


So its been extremely cold out and kiddos have been stuck inside , still with a lingering cold that wont go away. This is the one thing I despise about IL, is the sickness plague that comes over our state, everyone gets ill.


I am going to try my hardest this year to blog more. I am horrible at grammar and writing , I am owning that . But I take a mean photo =) …. These are my people, my crew, my everything.




Homework for everyone who took the time to read this :


Drop what your doing and photograph your children .




Tips: get on their level and get the details .


















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Ashley Klemm - I agree with you . it is hard to put on my photographer hat anyways with the kiddos because of its bulkiness. I am hoping to get a smaller camera . so that I can put it down and pick it up just for a moment
Suzanne - Ashley, that is a really good thought. It is important to capture what's going on around you. But you have to remember not to get so caught up in the perfect shot that you're not actually participating with your family. I hate to think of you missing out just because you put on your photographer hat! I think you're at risk for this just because you are professionally a photographer. And that's going to make this New Year's resolution hard for you, but certainly not impossible. Best of luck with 2016, you've got it!