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Wednesday, March 02, 2016
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I have said this a few times, but many of my clients really do become my friends.

I met Megan on a garage sale site on one of the neighboring towns. She came to me for a mini Valentines day session with her three little girls

Right away we hit it off ! We had so much in common. She has three girls , I have three Boys and both the main squeezes are police officers.

Little did we know we would become friends and now our honeys work on the same SWAT team!

I have since photographed them in all their new family adventures and their daughters are also my models when I need some girls.

well this family is beyond the moon excited to have their boy finally . Congrats to you both 


Any ways... Megan love ya girl. look forward to much more fun times! I do call you a friend and someone I trust - xoxo


This particular session was seriously in no way shape or form normal for me. But like I mentioned above , we friends so I can be more myself with her.

She had this beautiful gown that I had made by one of my clients. 

It was cold Folks!! let me tell ya ... we had to keep the car running ( after i kinda ....sorta....went somewhere wer werent allowed to ) anything for a pic right

The car was running, I had all of my kids in the car and had a movie on . (no children were put in danger for all you negative nacys out there) We would jump out of the car once 

I had my settings correct and ..click...click....CLICK!! next spot  and then repeat.

Maybe I would say these took an entire 20 min. 





and heres me 

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