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Friday, September 25, 2015
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After an intense week of a ton of session , jam packed football festivities and a wedding , I was in much need to have a few days off.


Two reasons , because I need to get two weddings edited and to the lovely brides and it’s the calm before the storm. And what storm you ask ….??? The storm is called fall portraits AKA October. One of the prettiest times to shoot and you literally have under 4 weeks to do it. In IL the leaves are always on the ground by Halloween.  With that said I will be seeing 30+ families and 5 weddings I will be photographing….. So when I say calm before the storm that is exactly what I mean. It’s a good storm but its intense and does not stop.




I have also come to the realization that I am not superwoman (even though I make humans which is such a superpower ) and I need help . So I have decided to have a sitter M-F to help me with my fall so I can still have my sanity, work and be a mother that hasn’t "checked out".






SOOOO once again on my journey to photograph my children more, I decided to grab my smallest , light weight lens (40mm) and just hang out with them … always have my camera and just be with them and get the real views,  I have been looking at things differently . I have been getting down and in their faces. Looking at things they way they do… even if the crop job is messy.  Photographing them not for that perfect shot but just to get them having fun in that moment  not pressure . I got some rockin photos and I love it. I  loved my last blog and I want to do this all the time. I am addicted to my children and to me its art. Its my art. I made them from top to bottom… I made them and I need to photograph them. So these images are me on my 4 days off, jumping on trampolines, leaping into pillows, bouncing in cribs and wearing transformer masks, visiting a friend and just trying to capture them.  This is real . This is life. Embrace it . Don’t take any moments for granted .








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