Megan and Jeff : Heritage Prairie Farm
Saturday, October 01, 2016
By ashley klemm photography
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Heritage Prairie farm:


If I were to picture the most beautiful country style location in the area , this would be it! From the amazing and accommodating staff, to the little secret photo opportunities surrounding the entire property, this place is the bomb dot com. Everything is organic and grown on the property. If you get a chance visit during the week for their amazing pizza and dinner nights!

Megan : thank you so much for including me as part of your wedding day. We don't see each other often because our lives have taken many different paths, but it doesn't matter because your one of those people that will always be someone I can count on if needed. Your over generosity, kindness and ability to be the life of the party is by far a quality that not many people have. Over the years we have worked together, gotten to know one another and I am honored  to call you my friend. From crazy nights after working at Firebar  together, to me loosing my purse and going on a hunt, to just watching us both grow from crazy 20 year olds to mature successful women, its so awesome! Looking forward to so much more.

Jeff: Your perfect for Megan, You have given her so much joy. I noticed in every photo I take of you both , you are always smiling. It is to the point even if I asked you to stop ( which i never would) you wouldn't be able to , because thats how much love you both have for one another. Thank you  Jeff !

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